Time to revise!

Little girl draws pencils. Interior of the room.

Our PREPARE study grant application received helpful feedback from its last submission, and we are preparing a revised submission for July.

The previous application focused specifically on the case of Down syndrome. This one will look more broadly at a variety of prenatally diagnosable genetic conditions, while still taking a more in-depth look at families with a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Another big change is that Dr. Michie (our PI) has moved from UC San Francisco to Case Western Reserve University, so Cleveland is now our project’s home site. We’re still planning to recruit in North Carolina, and have added a third site in Salt Lake City. This collaboration among three very different sites will ensure that we will draw from a rich variety of families and contexts.

Other projects related to this topic are also in the works, and we’ll feature them in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

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